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Olney Green Burial Ground - Terms and Conditions

The following regulations are intended to ensure the burial ground develops as natural woodland and an enduring memorial to all who are buried here, with visual traces of graves, over time, blending into a natural and sustainable environment, supporting wild life and giving pleasure to all who visit. Abiding by these regulations will help to enhance the burial ground for many generations to come.

The burial ground, buildings, infrastructure and all fauna and flora remain the property of The Green Burial Company Plc (The Company).

The purchase of a burial plot or burial reservation is for ‘burial rights’ only, the ownership remains with Olney Green Burial

The Company reserves the right to replace, prune or pollard memorial trees as required by long term woodland management.

The Company accepts no liability for injury to any person, damage to or loss from any vehicle or property, whilst visiting the burial ground.

  1. Access for vehicles is only available between the times published.
  2. Vehicles should not be driven or parked on grassed areas.
  3. Visitors must endeavour to protect all wildlife and live stock in the burial ground and its’ vicinity.
  4. Dogs must be kept under control at all time and any fouling to be cleared and removed from site.
  5. Compost bins are provided for biodegradable green waste only. It is expected that all other rubbish/litter be taken away and disposed of away from the site.

  6. Burials will only take place following receipt of correct documentation.
  7. Embalmed bodies will be accepted only in exceptional circumstances.
  8. No exhumations will be permitted except by lawful authority.
  9. Coffins, caskets or shrouds should be made from biodegradable materials, ideally from renewable sources.

  10. Flowers and other tributes may be placed around graves following interment and will be removed a few days after the funeral.
  11. Flowers may be left on graves but without wrappings.
  12. Vases for cut flowers to be bio-degradable and set into the ground allowing a maximum of four inches above ground. Please limit to one vase per grave.

  13. The cultivation and creation of ‘gardens' or demarcation of graves or plots with or without edgings, kerbs or gravel is not permitted. Such activity prevents the levelling of graves as the soil settles, which can take several years and detracts from the natural character of the burial ground, any such items will be removed. Wood chip mulching to be restricted to the area around the base of the tree only.

  14. Maintenance of plots should be kept to a minimum to allow the burial ground to develop naturally.
  15. Suitable wild flowers may be planted around the base of the trees, but The Company accepts no responsibility for their maintenance. Cultivated varieties are not appropriate and will be removed.

  16. The placing of memorabilia, artificial flowers, toys, ornaments, photographs, cards, lanterns, balloons, containers and planters is not permitted. Unauthorized items will be removed.

  17. Graves may be marked only with plaques or tree posts (for woodland plots) supplied by The Company or made to an agreed specification. Once installed modification is not permitted. Please see separate information on grave markers.
  18. Only trees on the published memorial tree list will be planted.
  19. Trees should not be cut, marked nor have items attached.
  20. Refunds can be made only for reserved plots and will include a deduction to cover administration costs.
  21. The company reserves the right to alter these regulations without notice.
  22. Please ensure that family and friends are acquainted with these rules and regulations. Further copies are available upon request. Further information together with a copy of these regulations will be forwarded to the next of kin following a funeral.

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