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Olney Green Burial Ground

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Plot Options

The purchase of a burial space refers to the purchase of ‘burial rights’ which will buy a right to use of the burial ground although the land and all fauna and flora continue to be owned by The Green Burial Company  Plc.

Burial plots are for single use but the reservation of an adjacent plot or plots can be arranged which can ensure a ‘family plot’ for future use.

At Olney Green Burial there is the choice of two burial areas.

The full size woodland burial plots are spaced to allow each individual tree planted on the graves to grow to maturity. Trees are selected from a list and planted during the dormant time of the year, usually between November and March. Family and friends are most welcome to take part in the tree planting by arrangement. Memorial Trees

The meadow area plots are set closer together and because of the reduced area they do not have individual trees, although trees are planted in and around the graves and in time this area will flow into, and become part of the whole woodland.

Small plots with individual trees are available for cremated remains and are situated in areas where the tree will have the room to grow to a mature specimen. These areas could be corner plots or on the edge of walkways.

Naturally crafted caskets can be purchased from Olney Green Burial or your Funeral Director if required.

Small single ash burial plots are available within the copse, although these plots do not have individual trees the circular area has been pre planted with wild shrubs and trees and all plots include a small oak plaque.


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