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Olney Green Burial Ground

Yardley Road
MK46 5EH

Tel : 01234 241808

Our Ethos

The Burial Ground is a natural place where nature, with just a little help, will take care of herself. We will maintain mowed pathways through the grass for easy access to individual graves leaving the remaining grasses to grow naturally. Allowing the grasses to grow in this way, we provide a natural habitat for wildlife. It is our intention that in this way we will create as natural an environment as possible that will evolve and in time become part of the natural countryside around Olney.  

We aim to provide a peaceful relaxed atmosphere where there are no time constraints placed upon you, a time for quiet reflection.  

This is a resting place for all who embrace the countryside, love birdsong and wildlife, who want to be at one with nature and not care for the tidy and orderly appearance of traditional cemeteries. We would ask that to maintain this ethos sympathetic planting of wild flowers and bulbs only will be appropriate and that any containers for cut flowers are made from bio-degradable materials and are sunk into the earth.

We understand that many families feel the need to involve themselves  with the burial process as this can be helpful in coming to terms with bereavement. We will give as much help as possible for those who wish to take an active part in the burial of their loved one.

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