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Olney Green Burial Ground?

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Why a Green Burial?

A green burial is a natural way to celebrate a life, a way of giving back to nature and the environment a gift for our children, grandchildren and all future generations, the gift being a memorial woodland.

The celebration of a loved one’s life can take many forms, you may wish to include poetry or music or possibly the release of white doves, all can be accommodated with a green burial.

Peace and tranquillity with the knowledge that the memorial woodland will evolve and little by little become a haven for wildlife and people alike. The woodland will be safe and secure for perpetuity, with the knowledge that by the passing of a loved one, and the celebration of their life, new life is given.

The very nature of the burial ground and they way in which it will develop alleviates the need for maintenance and there would never be the risk of neglect as nature will look after itself .

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