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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the burial Ground safe from development?
The burial Ground is an area designated for agricultural use only and covenants on any change of ownership will restrict use to woodland purposes only. Once used any other usage will be economically unattractive.
What if the Company goes out of business?
The effect would be the same as a change of ownership. Burial rights are ‘attached’ to the land and any new owner would be legally committed.
What sort of service can we have?
The choice is yours. People of all religions are welcome or any form of nonreligious ceremony may be held – or none at all. Local Clergy are happy to conduct services at the Burial Ground.
Is the Burial Ground consecrated?
No, but individual graves may be blessed.
Do I have to use a funeral director?
No. We can provide support for family arranged funerals.
Can we use any funeral director?
Yes, all are welcome to use the Burial Ground.
Must we have a cardboard coffin?
No. There is a wide choice of biodegradable coffins & shrouds available. All are acceptable, please see coffins for alternatives.
Are the trees too close to live long?
Memorial trees are planted around 3 – 4 metres apart, which will give room to grow to full size standards. There is also some understorey planting which will be ‘managed’ as it grows.
Can we fill the grave ourselves?
Can we have just a tree?
Yes – please contact the office
Can we choose the location of our plot?
Yes, within the bounds of the areas currently being used.
Can I reserve an adjacent plot?
Yes, we will keep an adjacent plot for three months after which commitment must be made by paying or starting instalments.
Can we plant our own tree?
Only if it is of a type on the Memorial Tree list or we will supply a tree for planting under supervision.
Can I buy a plot for my future use?
Yes. ‘Burial Rights’ can be bought to a non-specific of a specifically selected plot.
Can pets be buried at Olney Green Burial Ground?
No, we are not licensed to accept pet remains.
Are there double plots?
No. Memorial trees are planted on each grave (except in the meadow area) preventing reuse. The graves are not deep enough for double use in order to encourage decomposition. Adjacent plots can be reserved for future use.
Are there family plots?
Plots can be reserved in groups, creating a family area. Please ask for further information.
How big are the plots?
Generally 7' x 30" - spacing  between plots is determined by the provision of growing space for the memorial trees, which are planted on a grid 4m x 3m. the trees are planted in the middle of the graves.
What is a ‘small size’ ash burial plot?
It is possible in some areas of the Burial Ground to plant a Memorial Tree where there is not enough space for a ‘full burial’. The tree has plenty of space but the plot is reduced in area because it is on a corner or by a walkway.
Will the graves be reused in the future?
Once a plot has been used for a full burial it can only be used again for the burial of ashes by permission of the family. Burial rights at Olney Green Burial Ground, once exercised, are in perpetuity.
How long will you keep a reserved plot?
Burial rights purchased in advance are documented by deed, which is valid for 50 years. Beyond that time renewal would be necessary.
Do you have a chapel?
No, graveside services of any size or form are welcome and there is an area where a marquee can be erected for use for a service or hospitality.
Can we have music at the graveside?
Yes. You are welcome to have live or recorded music.
How long can we have for a funeral?
Usually there is only one funeral in a day at Olney Green Burial Ground, so there are no time constraints. You and any guests are welcome to stay as long as you wish.
How will people find the grave in the future?
Members of staff will always help during office hours. The marking of graves is optional; please see the section on Memorials.

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